Jaguar Headlights Repair for S-Type

This video will show you how to fix the head light issue on the early 2000 Jaguar S-Type. The head lights for this Jaguar are self-leveling and the motor assembly can go bad after a while. If your S-Type has this problem, your local dealer (or pro mechanic) can order you new light assemblies, replace the old ones, then “program” them to work and align them properly. Depending on where and who does the work, it can get pricey. Or, you can take the DIY route like I did and stick a screw in them at the level you need… and move on with life.
DIY Headlight Level Repair: It is a 10 to 30 minute task

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Title: Jaguar Headlights Repair for S-Type

Duration: 04:24

Category: DIY Repair, S-Type

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