Well Driven Jaguar E-Type

Border to border hard-driven classic Jaguar E-Type – “I’m an architect, and I’m very design-oriented. I think it’s a classic that everybody likes; you don’t need to be a car aficionado to like this car,” says Miguel Rodrigo. “I’ve driven it very hard from border to border twice with no problems whatsoever…”

That’s how Miguel describes his beloved Jaguar E-Type, a vehicle prized not only for its rarity, but for its beauty, performance, and now, years of happy motoring memories—including its role in staging Peru’s version of the Cannonball* rally.

After a number of entrants dropped out, the field flew away from the start, with Miguel and his E-Type finishing four hours ahead of second place, not bad for a race across Peru in a vehicle he’d bought at a U.S. auto auction.

“The fun part is the traveling, not getting to Point B,” he says. “Sometimes, people only think about getting to Point B, but they don’t have the enjoyment from the whole process of traveling.”

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Title: Well Driven Jaguar E-Type

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